Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Weekly Goals

Last week summary:

  • I finally have a hair appointment. My lady was booked up until next week. :( That's what I get for waiting so long.
  • I fit in writing in-between classes on Thursday. Yay! Nothing on Friday, I was helping my husband study.
  • Started reading a James Patterson book.
  • Had fun at game night Friday night. Girls vs. Boys at Pictionary Man. We kicked ass. They thought they were winning then we snuck up and took the pictionary man crown!

(Grammar Gurus: In-between or in between? I always type inbetween and get the red line of badness.)

This week is pretty simple:

  1. Go to school Tues/Thurs without snow interruption. (Apparently it's supposed to snow again this Tuesday)
  2. Finishing reading James Patterson's 1st to Die Pick next book (either continue with the series or buy a new book)
  3. Start a packing plan. (I do have mild OCD, we're not moving for a month, but I'm starting now.)
  4. And now since a prank war has broken out between my husband and my friend's husband, I have to figure out how to help without helping. They put honey on his windshield. HONEY. And it's like 40 degrees out. We don't have a cozy garage like they do. Ever tried carrying a bowl of hot soapy water outside down steps without spilling it? Not fun.
Any ideas? Non-damaging pranks for the outside of a car.

This week is really about my husband. The first half of it anyways. He's going to the E5 promotion board on Wednesday. Big deal, passing would be the desired outcome, failing would be bad. Not career-ending bad, just a set-back.

Have a good week!


  1. Decorate it like a sundae? Whipped cream and cherrie. Vaseline on the door handles is always a hoot. (I'm sure it would be pure evil on the windshield as well.) Rocks in the hubcaps. Food coloring in the wiper fluid would zap him later.
    Okay, that's all I could think of for now!

  2. I second the sundae decorations. Always funny. And can easily be washed off with warm soapy water ;)

    Mega good luck to your husband. I'm sure he'll get the promotion.

    Oh and I can totally relate to the mild OCD. I make lists of everything, and way ahead of schedule too.

    Lastly, in between. I always write inbetween as well. I guess we just feel it should be one word? Haha. But, there's no need for a hyphen.

    Good luck writing and have a nice week :)

  3. Oo the sundae is a good one. And the Vaseline... :D

    In between it is!

    Thanks for stopping by!