Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday's Woes

Okay, woes is a bit melodramatic. But it feels true at the moment.

I've been studying hard for my exam tomorrow. I lost 3 hours of study time to the lovely randomness of the Army, and the fact that my husband's shoulders widened out quite a bit during this last deployment.

End result, $200 on a jacket and sewing/alterations, 1hr 30min total extra driving time, and a headache. If traffic around here wasn't so bad, could have done all that drive in like 30 minutes. 45 max.

I have 5 main things I need to know for my exam. I have two of the five down. One is fairly simple and common sense should aid me there. The other two aren't so simple.

Time for me to shut up and get back to studying. I have been studying this whole past week. My time just kept getting chipped away.

Must work on time management skills.

Any melodramatic woes in your week?


  1. I just had to run out Wal-Mart (after already being in my pjs and having to get dressed again), because Oldest Daughter needed tights for a field trip she's taking tomorrow...she's leaving at 6 AM. It just never ends...well, actually it does, I guess.

  2. Study hard - and remember you get to write on Friday! :-)

    This whole week has been kind of dramatically woeful for me...I keep forgetting things, doing other things late, and screwing up my own schedule. It's actually kind of comical. But this too shall end - the weekend's on the way.

  3. Gotta love the 10pm runs to Wal-Mart.

    I do get to write on Friday! I even already know when it should fit in with wiggle room. :D

    Thanks Nancy! I think I did well. :)