Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Quick post today.

I'm very excited to be getting back to work on Ivory, I hope this break did the trick. Friday is looking like the first chance I'll get to dive back in. Even though it will be fit in between grocery shopping and having friends over for dinner. I go early enough so I should have all afternoon. Thankfully I manage to keep our apartment clean enough that a 15 minute dash makes it sparkle.

Okay. Not sparkle, but good enough. :)

I'm semi-behind on 2YN, nothing thirty minutes won't cure. Thirty minutes of uninterrupted silence that is. Headphones will have to do. Whoever suggested the gamer headphones that block out all noise, props to you! It's like magic.

Wish me good luck! (I still haven't bought a book. I've been rereading Mercedes Lackey's The Black Swan for the ten millionth time.)

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