Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Calm

That's right, a calm Monday. How the heck did I manage this?

All I have on my plate today is homework and housework. Not even a lot of homework, just some reading. Housework is minimal, just maintenance really. I probably should run the vacuum and at least sweep. Which will take all of 10 minutes in our tiny apartment.

I may fit in some writing.



On a Monday?


I have to drop the rent check off. That should take a whole 10 minutes. Maybe a little longer as I do have to tell our apartment manager we'll be moving out at the end of the month rather than renewing the lease. She loves us, we've lived here 4 years without any problems.

I'm hoping, no, praying my husband doesn't call me or come home with any insanity. He does have to get all his Army gear set for a layout, but that's straightforward. As long as he's not missing anything.

Hm. Should have made him do it yesterday. If he is missing anything he could have picked it up on his way home, rather than going back out. Oh well.

I'm going to go finish my homework and then reward myself with writing time. I'm going to work on Ivory some and 2YN. I should set a goal for Ivory. 10 pages of edited typed up and made all pretty. I can do that.

I hope you all have great and productive Mondays!


  1. I actually managed to get 500 words or so in today during lunch. At a McDonalds, of all places, so crazier things have happened! Good luck!

  2. McDonald's, that's awesome. I'll go down to the deli to get some writing done. Wednesdays after about 2 are pretty quiet.

    And the food is good. :)