Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life's little annoyances

I do complain a lot on this blog. Sorry. I try not to complain at my husband so my poor blog gets the brunt of it.

I've not written anything on Ivory since July 11. It is July 22nd now. No good excuses. Just stalled. I'm close to being done! In relative terms anyways. I've got 11 scenes left to write for my first draft to be done. At about 2-3 thousand words apiece we're looking at about 22-33 thousand more words to write. Now If i was at my goal of writing at least 1,000 words every weekday, I'd be done in 22-33 weekdays. Aug 20 - Sept4. Now I'm not at that and I know I will be unable to be at that for part of Aug even if I went into the month at that pace. So we're looking at the end of Sept, beginning of Oct. I can't do it the last half of Oct, I'm my cousins maid of honor. A.K.A. her slave from a week before the wedding until the ceremony is over. My original goal was to have a completed novel before my 22nd birthday. That is still feasible, but not completed ready for querying. Which sucks. I want to be at that point but I won't be. I'm trying my hardest and I'll keep trying that hard. If I'm at least done my first revision/edit by then I'll be happy.

Lesson for today: Goals are wonderful motivators. Sometimes.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Outlook looks good

So far so good with July. Got everything done yesterday that I wanted to, and its still early today to get things done. Laundry is going, I'll be working on Ivory after I post this, then editing my current short story, followed by dishes probably, then maybe working on another short story idea that was spawned by NaNoCoMotion. And the gym. It is still early enough I am willing to go today. One twenty minute word war away and I'll see if I'll go. The thought of once I reach my goal I'm going to the gym may cause me writing problems. I don't know, we'll see. I don't dare go to the gym first, I know myself, I'll never settle down to write with any amount of focus.