Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wacky Wednesdays

I loved that book as a child. Dr. Seuss was big in my childhood and I fully intend to expose any kids I have to his works.

Wednesday is the weird day in my week. It's the only day sandwiched between two superbly busy days. Tuesday and Thursdays I have class. All day long. By Tuesday morning, Wednesday always seems to be packed full of things to do before I even remember I'll have homework to do to.

On my plate today:

Make shopping list/Coupon hunt
Laundry - Bedding and towels
Oil Change for the sedan, and remember to fill the gas tank.
Lunch with 'the girls' (and last minute Superbowl party planning)
Grocery Shopping (Might have my husband with me for this, depends if he gets out of work early or not.)
Homework (a.k.a. lots of reading and a quiz)
File tax return. May get pushed to this weekend.
Call to make a doctor's appointment, as my doctor hasn't returned my call. I need to know if he wants to push for surgery or wait and see if the carpal tunnel gets worse. I am a fan of surgery over nerve damage.

I'm forgetting something. I'll probably remember it at 9pm tonight. I need to stop at the bookstore and pick up a couple books too. That's not list worthy. That list is long enough!

Anything wacky about your Wednesday?


  1. Everything! The list is growing my the minutes, oh well.

  2. That is a long list! I try not to write to-do lists, because they remind me of how busy I am. I prefer the illusion of serenity :)