Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day!

Not official, as my university isn't canceling classes. I'm choosing to stay home as I am very concerned about driving home this afternoon when the snow is supposed to have melted into ice. Yes. It's supposed to melt, and then freeze. Our high was at 5am.

I know I can drive on ice and slush in my little car, it's the rest of the people on the interstate I worry about. I've seen too many accidents down here from dumb mistakes on ice. Like driving at 85, on ice, then slamming on your brakes. Smart move.

I will be spending my snow day catching up on my coupon/free sample hunting. I will get fully caught up on 2YN, and I will work on Ivory a bit.

It's freeing to have an unexpected day off. I normally spend about 9 hours at school on Tuesday/Thursday. I can get so much done in 9 hours...

If the picture outside gets more snowy, I'll take another and update here at the bottom. I do miss seeing the world outside my window blanketed in snow.


  1. It's pretty!
    I'm a little nervy on snow & ice, but you're right, it's the other idiots on the road - the ones driving like there's nothing there and the ones scared to death to go over 10mph. Both are accidents waiting to happen!

  2. We went through this a couple of weeks ago. I'm getting ready for work at 5am and they say we've already hit the high temp for the day! Wonderful.
    I also have the same problem with driving in the winter. I'm fine. I can handle it. It's the guy that's weaving in and out of traffic, doing 75mph while everyone else isn't breaking 40. Ugh.

    Hope your day off was super productive!

  3. It was productive!

    And whats funny...the snow is basically all gone now. Just some left in the shady spots.

  4. We're over a foot in New York and counting! I love it!

    About driving in bad weather; don't! Make some hot chocolate and relax. Start your weekend early.