Monday, June 2, 2008

My Current Projects

As of right now I have one major writing project underway, and three small ones.
I've got a large crochet project, and a large for me cross stitch project I'm doing for my cousins wedding.
I know theres more but that is all I can think of at the moment.

My main focus is my novel. Thats my major project. Its called Ivory and is currently about 76,000 words long and about 1/3 complete. I've got a full outline and almost every chapter is at least started with a small blurb. I try to write at least 1,000 words every day. On a normal good day, I do it with no problem. How often do I have normal good days? every other week or so. I'll be going good for 3 days then hit a rock. I get thrown off course for a week, then get back on track. It is very annoying and frustrating but I have come to learn fighting it only makes it worse. I lose focus very easily, especially when I am feeling even the slightest bit ill. We're talking a minor headache and its all over. Plus I really cannot wait to go back and start editing it. I've been working on it for about seven months now. It is my first novel so it is taking longer than I wish it would. I'm hoping to be done with this first draft by August 1st.
By editing I mean printing out each and every page and attacking it with a red pen, highlighters and those flag post-its. I love post-its, they are just so expensive! I want to get those ones that are shapes, but I can't bear spending 5 bucks for sticky notes that I rarely do use. I've got two packs of the large flags so I'll be using those. I want to edit it so badly because I can see areas that need to be fixed, there are parts that need to be edited because I wrote scenes out of order so now some people are in scenes that shouldn't be there. I really think I'll edit those before printing it off, because I know where they are and there is no point in printing out pages I know have to be totally rewritten anyways.
Once I print it out, I will so take a picture to post on here. Its going to be a massive stack of paper.
I've got a short story that I really need to finish writing, I just...never get to it. I'm horrible at forcing myself to do things, even when I like doing then and or know its good for me. Same is true for my cross stitch project for my cousin's wedding. Its going to be a cute wedding thing for them. I have it all planned out and the thread sorted. I have started it. I've working on it that one least the wedding isn't until Oct. I've got time. Really should only take me about 3 or 4 hours to do, I just know I probably cannot sit and work on it straight for that long. Eye strain and all.
As for crochet, I am trying to start a baby blanket. Hopefully for me and my husband. We aren't planning on trying for children for about 4 more years at least. But you never know. Plus, I know three people getting married this year so I figure having one started would be good to have on hand.
So whose getting married?
My cousin Daphne is marrying Ben on Oct. 24th.
My father is marrying is girlfriend of...2 years? on Aug. 8th.
My husbands friend and my friends, Joe and Linda on Aug. 27th.

Which of these weddings are we going to as a couple? None. Nice right?
I'm going to my cousins wedding as her maid of honor solo, theres no way he'll get the leave. Maybe a four day pass, but even if, the plane fare will be insane. My dads wedding, just learned about it and same problem, no leave and plane tickets. Joe and Linda's we simply don't know yet. They live close enough we can drive up. My husband might be able to get a pass. If so, we'll hopefully be going to theirs, even if just for the reception, (the church charges by the amt of people showing up. weird right?).
Oh and, who's engaged?
So far I think it is just my sister and James, they've been dating for 4 years and don't plan to get married until shes done college, another two years. My cousin Ian was engaged, but that one didn't work out. Oh! Debbie is at least seriously committed if not engaged yet. Shes been very out of contact lately, I don't blame her. :D That reminds me of a wicked yummy dessert recipe she gave me. I'll have to post that one.
Thats it for now I think, later gators!

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