Friday, June 27, 2008

Gah. I need a day off. No stressing about anything. Not allowed to worry about money, my weight, cleaning, family (really meaning the in-laws), not allowed to freak out about my writing instead of getting an normal job. Not allowed to stress out about anything. Now if a day like that was ever actually possible, I'd be in heaven for that day. Of course the only way one of these magical days would happen is if it was a weekend, I turned the phone, tv, and computers off all day long. No driving anywhere, just staying home with nothing on. How likely is that to happen? Not. Never. Oh and turning cell phones off. Yeah. See. Oh and not allowed to play on my ds. I think thats it. Gah. Today is still a bad day. Has been all week. I dislike life right now. I'll get over it and I know it. It helps knowing that because then I don't feel like I've hit rock bottom, but it still sucks feeling worthless. I tell my husband when I feel like this, he tells me I'm being silly and everything's okay. I believe him. My mind just won't. Its annoying.

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