Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life without Andy

No he didn't leave me or anything like that, hes just not here, hes up North for his brother's graduation. So I'm all alone down here. I've discovered that I don't like him being gone. It stresses me out to no end. And I'm not eating regularly, which is never a good thing.

I am trying to write a tone while hes gone, but last night my wrist started rebelling against typing. So either I've got to learn real quick how to type fast one handed, or I've got to take it slow. Phooey. I am planning on making those sour cream cookies sometime this week...the kitchen is just still a mess from when he left. I haven't gotten the urge to tidy it completely yet, mostly because I do feel so ill. I went shopping for food yesterday only to discover my stomach will not settle with most foods I eat. I'm on the cracker diet at the moment, not willingly.

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