Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Blah. Life is life. I always have these ups and downs with my writing and it drives me crazy. I have good days, decent days, okay days and down right shitty days. Today and yesterday are/were shitty writing days. The fact that I had to convince myself to post at all on here is a clear indicator. I've got a short story almost ready to submit to a magazine. Almost. The magazine wants a cover letter with a short bio. Haven't done that. The story is done, but is about 55 words short of their 2000-3000 word range. So I wonder, will those 55 words matter? Is my story good enough to stand on its own without those 55 words? Will my submission be automatically rejected for being under 2000 words? What do they want from me in my bio? I have no writing credits so I can't add those, I have nothing relevant to add that would help sell my story. I know not to put my specs like a dating website. I'm a 5'5", blond haired blue eyed writer who would love to she her work in your magazine. Yeah. That wouldn't go over well. I know not to say, I'm a new writer, this is my first ever submission and would you please oh pretty please publish me?

End rant.

Edit: I can tell it was late for me. Its not 55 words short, it's 455 words short. I'm guessing 455 words short matters much more than 55 words short.

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