Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Ever Submission

Its officially in the mail box. I can't touch it now. I could if I had one of those mail boxes at the end of the drive way, but luckily, I live in an apartment and the outgoing mail box is unforgiving to writers wanting to tear open a submission and reread it yet again. I walked over first thing this morning and mailed it. It is now out of my hands. So scary. So awesome. First submission of many to come.
No I didn't magically finish my novel overnight. It is a submission of a short story to a regional magazine back home. I've got another short story that just needs a bit of polish before its ready for the mailbox. Then I have a very short start to a short story that isn't just in need of polish, its in need of finishing. hehe. then of course I have my novel. Desperately in need of finishing, editing, revising, and then polishing. A novel really is the definition of a long-term project. At least for me anyways. Not so great at focusing.
And of course I have ideas for short stories often, so that list will lengthen. However, I will not start my next novel until I finish this one. I will not. Having rough character sketches, rough plot outline, scene tag lines, and some dialog isn't starting the novel. Its prepping the novel. Right? *sigh* I am determined to finish Ivory before devoting myself to Entry into Madness. Crap its already got a title, MMC, FMC, bad guys up the wazoo. Its a thing. I don't want to end up with multiple unfinished novels. I figure if I finish the first one, it will be easier to finish the second one before starting the third and so on down the line. I know I am not at the point where I can be working on multiple novels at once. Many later in my writing adventure but not now. Short stories and a novel is doable.

Laters for now

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