Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Revisions/Editing Fun!

What was 33,000 words is now 25,000.


I guess that's not too bad. No, that's not my whole novel, that's the first…now 12 chapters. Originally this far along in the story I was up to chapter 17. I discover some minor pacing issues with my chapters. I had one that was one very short scene, and another that was about six very long scenes. Great job right?


I've got just about 65,000 original words left. I'm barely 1/3 done. I thought I was way further along than this. Talk about a kick in the butt to get me moving!


I'm thinking I should play the word count game again. How much I can get through in a day. Not going to set goals, I'll just jinx myself. I'm going to keep track of how many original words I go through. I'll post said progress here. Again, not going to set a specific day, I'll just forget I'm supposed to post.


I want to get this done so I can start working on those rejections! Really I am hoping for an acceptance, but I figure having a positive spin on the whole process might be beneficial.


How is 2010 treating the rest of you so far?


  1. I was thinking...
    Nevermind trying for 200 rejections. Try for a dozen partial requests and maybe a couple of fulls!


  2. Oo that's a good idea. I really just wanted some kind of goal to keep myself moving on it. I know all to well how easily I push things off and forget about them.

    A dozen partial requests...hmmm.

    :D Thanks Charlie!