Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Day!

No writing, but that's on the list for tomorrow.

Went to my classes, figured out I'm finally beginning to understand my business class. Yay! We're doing a group project and I actually have a decent group rather than being the only one that cares about my grade.

I just made a super yummy stir-fry for dinner.

I did buy a new book, and already finished it. Mercedes Lackey 'Burning Water' I've never read any of her modern stories before and I have to say, I liked it.

Haven't given myself a pedicure yet. I'm thinking tomorrow morning.

I did treat myself to Starbucks and discovered the tea I like in the big size is a whole $2.05 with my Barnes and Nobles card. Woot. Not something to get all the often (I don't need the sugar!) But nice to know it's fairly cheap. For Starbucks.

I'm going to work my latest idea (thanks to 2YN!) later this evening. I'm determined to get back to work on Ivory when I said I would. I'm a big believer in finishing what I start.

How was your day? Or how's it going so far if you're reading this in the morning.


  1. I accomplished a lot yesterday and hope the trend continues today.

    Mmmm... been a while since I read a Mercedes Lackey book...

  2. It's lunchtime here, and I'm eating a corned beef wrap, a banana and two small flapjacks.

    Been teaching and reading this morning and enjoying an odd book called 'the curious incident of the dog in the night'

    So far, a good day and I may even go out for a meal later.

  3. My day is going quite wonderful, thank you for asking. (smile) Had to stop by and see your blog - thanks for visiting and commenting on mine today. Nice! I'll have to stop back in again.

    The Old Silly