Saturday, January 23, 2010


Definitely need to invest in some of those gamer headphones. My husband doesn’t realize how loud he gets. He is partly deaf so I can’t blame him.

I officially have carpal tunnel in my right wrist. The doc had to shock me with this evil taser-looking like thing to make it official. (See below.)

Evil-looking isn't it?

I have carpal tunnel, but not bad enough to warrant surgery this doc says. I get to keep wearing the brace and keep doing the stretches. Forever? I see my normal doc next week so maybe he'll make more sense. I didn't ask the doc tasing me too many questions, I was in some weird pain.

Still on break from Ivory. I feel guilt about it, but at the same time, I'm happy to be taking a breather.

Started college again this semester. It's just as hard as I remember it. Only difference is I actually care about my grades and am giving 100%. Maybe I will manage that 3.0. That'd be awesome.


  1. At first glance it looks like you bought yourself a taser! lol

    Yeah, Carpal Tunnel sucks. My doctor just said "Live with it." Surgery could do more damage than help. Maybe I need a new doctor!

  2. It does look like a taser! I should have nabbed it and stuck it in my purse...