Sunday, January 31, 2010


This week isn't super full, the weekend is packed however.

Specific To-Do:

Buying at least 2 books (so I have one for next week).
Do the bedding
Be totally caught up on 2YN and comment on my favorite threads
Bake something yummy Friday. Most likely banana bread.
Do my wrist stretches everyday even though they barely help.

M-F schedule is normal. Only thing special is Superbowl party on Sunday. Woot! We're rooting for the Saints, even though they aren't our team. Our team sadly did not make it this year. (Sorry Debbie! I can't root for the Colts against the Saints.)

I do get to stay late at school TR because of a lovely group project for the next 3 weeks. That makes me not getting home until 5pm at the earliest. Sigh.

I ordered some truffles from The Fancy Lady. Should have them by the end of the week. They look so yummy... *drool*

How's your week shaping up?


  1. That's okay, I know a lot of people are rooting for the Saints. I want them to show up and play a good game, but ultimately (duh) I want the Colts to win.

    Drew Brees went to Ev's school, so he of course loves him and he is really fun to watch but I'm a Colts fan through and through. We even have a little thing we do at the store when we get strawberries, that is really quite rediculous that I still love: straw brees? drew brees! straw brees?! drew brees!! So that will probably happen a couple hundred times when I'm drunk. But I want my broken-nose-flannel-lumberjack-Manning to win :D

    And there will only be silent rooting for the Saints at my party. I specified that in my Facebook event so people would be forewarned. :D

  2. Go Saints! We're hosting a Super Bowl party as well.

    Mmmm... banana bread...