Monday, January 25, 2010

How My Week Works

Inspired by Jamie’s Weekly Goal lists over at The Variety Pages, I decided to work up a sort of schedule.

This is how my week seems to breakdown with school back in session and my husband officially back at work as of today. The Army will of course throw in random days off and random weekend duty, but this is the basic.

Monday – Finish homework day
Tuesday – Class/homework/reading day
Wednesday – Errands/homework day
Thursday – Class/reading day
Friday – Baking/cooking/writing day
Saturday – Family/friends time and homework squeezed in
Sunday – Family time/coupons/reading day

I greatly dislike Mondays, so what better than to finish off all the homework I put off over the weekend.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have class pretty much all day. Homework and pleasure reading seems to fit in fairly well, but not much else.

Wednesday apparently is my errand day, as that is when I find myself doing my errands. And it’s homework day.

Friday is the start of my weekend, and the perfect day to experiment with new recipes whether with baking or cooking. I don’t feel guilty taking extra time messing around in the kitchen since I have ALL weekend to do my homework. Right? I also seem to spend time with my writing on Fridays. I wish for daily writing, but it doesn’t happen and trying to convince myself it will doesn’t help. There’s something relaxing about Fridays.

is a hang-out day. Movies, dinner out with my husband, dinner parties (a.k.a. game nights) with our friends. I try to do some homework in there, but it usually gets pushed off till Sunday.

Sunday. More family/friend time with coupons! Though the local Sunday papers have been slacking on the coupons as of late. This is usually when I finish whatever pleasure reading I’m doing for the week. Instead of homework of course.

I’m hoping my husband will continue his habit of sleeping until noon on the weekends so I have more time in the mornings to do school work or writing.

Of course all the lovely daily chores are mixed in there for fun. My husband’s uniforms get in the laundry sometime Saturday. I hate when it hits like 8pm and he’s like ‘hun, I need my PTs washed…’ SO NOT HAPPENING ever again.

Week of 1/25/10 Specific Goals:

o Pick up a new pleasure reading book. I’ve read everything we have (that interests me anyways, my husband is a mystery fan…I’m not).

o Give myself a pedicure.

o Go to Starbucks and enjoy a 4 dollar iced tea.

There is of course tons more that needs to be done, but these are the ‘fun’ ones. I learned last year that to-do lists a mile long just make me want to crawl back into bed and sleep the day away.

Organization brings calm to my life. Staying organized is the problem.

How's your week shaping up?


  1. Nice to see another goal list going up! I love to see what other people are doing for the week...

    Good goals there too - I literally schedule my manicure nights to make sure they get done. I should do that with pedicures too, but too lazy.

    Have you considered joining Goodreads? Free, facebook-like, and you can browse the libraries of your friends to find something new that sounds interesting to read. I think they have a book swap program there too (haven't explored that just yet).

    What do you like to read? Inquiring minds and all... ;-)

  2. I'll take a look at Goodreads.

    I like to read pretty much everything except mystery. Romances are my 'guilty pleasure'. I like fantasy, science fiction, mainstream, horror (Stephen King is my hero), thrillers and classics.