Friday, January 8, 2010

Writing with Distractions

With my husband home, I'm remembering how well I actually write with distractions. I have so little time to focus, I completely tune out everything around me and just pound out what I have to do.

When my husband shouts out obscenities while playing MW2 (Modern Warfare 2) can break through my wall of silence. I usually end up asking 'do you have to shout that loud?' and I get some reply along the lines of 'that dude just killed me' or something. I'm all for Super Mario Bros. :D He does stop shouting quite so loud for a while after that, so success!

Then there are the times I'm plagued with headaches because me and my forgetful self forgot to take my allergy medicine on time. The only one that seems to work is one I have to take every 4 hours. Bubble house anyone?


Original Ivory words gone over (since Jan. 5th): 2,436


I am using 'it' way too much today. Not necessarily here, but in my revisions. Rather annoying.

And I just found another spot where there is a missing scene. During my first read through, instead of fixing the gap, I just made a note to fix it later. Not doing that next time around. Way more aggravation than it's worth right now. I just want this done. So. I'm going to bed and am going to look at it with fresh eyes in the morning and hopefully I'll not hate the idea of sitting down to work on it.

(The intense dislike of working on Ivory literally spawned in the last 15 minutes.)


What's your greatest distraction from writing? Any tips on how you avoid or overcome distractions?








  1. Darling you haven't been online much :(. I need your address, I have a present for you!

  2. Everything distracts me these days. The holidays meant I was never alone. Hopefully, with the commotion at a minimum, I can get back into the zone.

  3. EVERYTHING distracts me. It's awful really. I can sometimes work with hubby on the couch across from me. If he's watching something I Speed TV or UFC. But if he's watching anything that remotely interests me, I can't concentrate.

  4. I'm learning to value the time he's sleeping in as writing time. He goes back to work in two weeks, then I get free along time again. :D

  5. i think just life it self distracts me from blogging and writing but i carry around a notepad with me and when i get ideas for posts and things to write about i write it down so when i have a moment i know what to write

  6. Have you tried gamer headphones? They block out quite a lot of noise and plays music beautifully. So, that hubby of yours can yell within reason and you'll have no idea. I can't do that when the kids are up (my distraction), so I pretty much wait for them to be asleep, and then deprive MYSELF of sleep. :)

    I hopped over here after reading a post on the FM boards. My sister is a military wife too, with two kids, and I'm amazed at what she needs to do to get through the day. I think we can forget that military families sacrifice just as our soldiers do. So thank you to you, and to your husband. :)