Friday, April 2, 2010

All Moved!

The internet is finally turned on!

It was weird being disconnected for only a few days. But kind of nice too.

Anywho, I'll be posting pictures of my very own office as soon as my camera comes up...

That's the real trouble with moving, you manage to lose everything.

Friday's Baking will be up next week as my darling husband has requested cupcakes, and I need to work on my decorating skills. He wants choclate frosting, so not great for Easter bunnies. Ooo maybe I can attempt some kind of dog, like a black lab. That may work, or end in yummy disaster.

Off to unpack some more before bed. My plan is to be completely unpacked by next Friday, but I have a test Thursday. So maybe. I can hope!

I hope you all have been having wonderful weeks!


  1. Good news is, if you're just using buttercream (chocolate, as requested) and you try to do a black lab... If you screw up hardcore, all you do is just ice the whole thing over and tada normal chocolate iced cake!

  2. And here:

    :) Lookit the brown one! :)

  3. I ended up just doing the swirls with the piping bag then the butter knife method. The frosting my husband picked had chocolate chips in it. Didn't work so well.

    Thanks for dropping by!