Monday, April 5, 2010

Things are Settling Down...

...slowly. My office is one of the 2 rooms fully put together. Fully unpacked? Nope. The closet is about 1/2 full of boxes.

I'll post pictures as soon as the camera cable or the card reader makes itself known. My old laptop had an SD card reader, not so lucky with my new one. That's what I get for going from a top of the line to the cheapest. :D

That makes me shake my head. What was a top of the line laptop 5 years ago, is now a worse laptop than the cheapest.

I'm hoping after this week my schedule will get back in order. I'm not a fan of chaos.

  • This week I have an exam, that I have do to well on as I bombed the last one.
  • I have to wear my business suit into one of my classes for "Come to Class Dressed Up Day." They want to make sure we have the proper attire for interviews a such. (I got mine on sale at JCPenny's for about 80bucks. Woot!)
  • We need to finish unpacking, we're tackling the kitchen today while waiting for the water guy.
  • I get to go through our now giant yard with a trash bag and pick up all the little pieces of crap left by the last tenants. We're getting a puppy soonish (Not as soon as my husband wants, but I'm not bringing a puppy into a chaos filled home.) and I am not wasting money on extra vet visits because it cuts its paw on something in the yard.
Have a good week everyone!


  1. Very smart about cleaning up the yard! Best of luck on your exam. Hope your life finds order soon, I know I hate my life in chaos.

  2. Whew! Lots of work going on there...congrats on finally finding some order. I'm not big on chaos myself. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos...and your pup, when you can safely let your hubby race out and get one. ;-)

  3. It's driving me crazy not finding that cable. I don't think I've missed my old laptop more!

    I may have to bum my friend's laptop...