Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Touring Tuesdays - Patio/Backyard!

Giant yard. Sucks for my husband! When he deploys again, I'm paying someone to mow it. Especially at the height of summer.

I'm in love with this yard! And our patio set. It's nothing fancy, but it has swirly chairs!

My baby marigolds. They'll be getting put into the ground soon. The pot got tipped over when they were barely sprouts...so they got all jumbled together on one side.

This is my 'sunspot'. This was all that would fit on our apartment patio. :D

We're getting a kiddie pool for the pup, I'm hoping he'll like it.

All the water is from the 10 minute downpour we just had. I'm glad we're just renting, I'm pretty sure the house has been sinking into the ground. It's all clay/mud around here.

That's my backyard! A big step up from a tiny apartment patio. :D :D


  1. How exciting! Great yard! Hope you have many enjoyable days and evenings out there!

  2. Make the most of it. Any house can be made into a home with a little love...and a puppy in a pool. :-)