Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Writing Goals - Short, Medium, and Long


I'm way behind, that makes it the perfect time to catch up! These are revised from a while ago, not sure I posted the original time line anywhere.
  1. Finish boards. (1/5 done. All will be done by: May 14th)
  2. Complete all changes/write all new material. (Will be done by: June 4th. Giving myself extra time due to husband's birthday party and possible family visiting.)
  3. Have someone, who rules at crits, give Ivory a read through. (Reread it myself.)
  4. Write and review query. (Will be done by: June 18th.)
  5. Submit! And wait. (New Years Resolution is to have 200 rejections!)
  6. Get Ivory published!
I know the space between 5 and 6 is a lot larger. I'm just not there yet, so I'm not sure what all the steps are. I do know it takes much more work, even with a contract.

2YN - Aliens and Flying Spatulas of Doom!
  1. Keep up with classes. Pure and simple.I'm doing this with Zette's 2 Year Novel Course.

EIM/AF (Entry Into Madness / Atlantis Found, Paranormal Thriller / Science Fiction-ish)

  1. Decide which one to focus on. (Will be done by: April 29th. Yes, tomorrow.)
  2. Write up a full outline. At least chapters, preferably scene by scene, with subplot tracking. (Will be done by: May 21st.)
  3. Complete the first draft. (NaNo if necessary, but I'd rather be done by August 6th, earlier if possible.)
  4. Take a break, fall semester starts soon. (Break over on: August 13th.)
  5. Do boards for this one. (Will be done by: August 20th, if I'm still on track. Which is unlikely.)
  6. Make changes per boards. (Will be done by: September 17th. This is a guess, I have no idea how next semester is going to play out.)
  7. Have someone read it, reread it myself.
  8. Make any necessary changes. (Done by: End of Christmas break. Around January 10th.)
  9. Write and review query. (Do over Spring break.)
  10. Submit! And wait.
  11. Get it published!

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  1. Making the list and referring to it is more important than keeping to every deadline as it enables you to break down any task into manageable chunks. So, congratulations.

  2. Wow, you have the whole year planned! That is awesome.

    Do you only have one person read a draft and give editing advice? Or do you just mean "someone" as in other people besides yourself? I only bring this up because I have two people I trust to give me writing/editing/character advice as they read my novels and they each come up with different suggestions that I never would have figured out. And sometimes they back each other up (along with some of my suspicions) and other times, they disagree and that allows me freedom to decide what I think works best. Just a thought.

  3. Martin - Thanks! It took me along time, but I've finally accepted the fact that I cannot mean every deadline I set for myself. As long as I get it done, I'm happy. :)

    Sam - I mean "someone" as in anyone not me. :D I'll take as many readers as I can handle once Ivory is at that point.