Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grids, Post-its, and Puppy!

Only thing left to unpack; the random 'office stuff' boxes. Furniture wise, my husband only had to finish putting the dining table chairs together.

Now the important stuff!


With post-its!

And more post-its!

And puppy!

His name is Zeus, he's just about 8 weeks old. We know his mom is a blue heeler, they weren't sure of the dad, but they think it was the collie next door. So far he mainly sleeps a lot. I'm not looking forward to the house-training...we've been home over 2 hours and he hasn't peed yet. We have puppy pads and all that fun stuff. I foresee a long night of whining and playful puppy. I've been trying to keep him awake...but he just wants to snooze.


  1. He'll be awake long enough when he's older. At least if he's asleep, he's not emptying his bladder and bowels.

    Good Luck. (and he does look cute)

  2. Okay, so you know I love your colorful grids and post-its...but...

    Your new puppy is just absolutely adorable! :-) How cute - congrats to you, and esp. to your hubby. ;-)

  3. Martin - Very true! He's thankfully a grazer and doesn't devour his entire bowl at once. Thanks!

    Jamie - Thanks! My husband is very excited, he wants to know when we can get him a playmate. For now Zeus will have to deal with puppy play dates with our friend's dogs. (One is 4 yrs old, the other is just about his age, 6 wks. Plenty of fun to be had!)