Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday's Baking - Fruit Salad

Here in Texas, it's already Spring. We've hit 80 once so far, and have been hitting 75 pretty regularly. But still only the tiny melons and the dried out strawberries make it to the grocery store.
I have been craving fruit salad for so long I finally gave in to the pre-cut stuff.

You know the fruit that's like $5 for two cups worth? Yeah that.

We bought a big one with apple slices, grapes, gorgeous strawberries and pineapple. Then we bought two smaller ones, the first was grapes and apples, the second was strawberries and kiwis. Mmm. Kiwi.
We mixed it all together and brought it to our friends BBQ. It was a major hit. I think we had maybe 2 cups left at the end of the night.

It was so worth it. I can't wait for the better fruit to start hitting the store. I practically live off fruit salad in the spring and summer.

The picture is not my fruit salad. I will someday do that with a watermelon, but I haven't yet. It was the only picture of fruit salad I could find with kiwi that looked yummy. Mine didn't have blackberries or blueberries. Both are insanely expense down here right now.


  1. YUM. Fruit salad sounds delicious right now. We had a nice, spring day yesterday, but snow is forecast for the entire state of Nebraska today. Fun, fun!

  2. Now the vegetarian in me loves that picture!!!

  3. Snow! Ick. One thing I do love about living in Texas, winter is definitely over!

    I want to make one of those watermelon bowls so bad...