Thursday, March 18, 2010

Relaxing with OCD

Status: Tired and hungry.

We're moving in a week and a half. We have a ton of boxes packed finally. It feels like we have so much more to do, but not really. The biggest thing is we have to clean the apartment. Can't really do a full cleaning with all this stuff in it.

The half-packed apartment isn't helping my stress level. OCD and messes don't generally get along. I'm not bad, I just like things to be tidy. I don't flip out if my husband drops his clothes on the floor, or doesn't scrap his plate. Doesn't bug me. But if the entire house is 'messy' for an extended period of time, it starts to get under my skin and drive me bonkers.

I know this, so I try to prevent it. Right now, my kitchen counters are clean and the dishes are done. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I simply look at my kitchen and soak in the tidiness. It relaxes me.

The act of cleaning doesn't relax me, the end result does.

The key to a more relaxing life for me seems to be to clean more. Weird. Do chores to relax. hehe.

Side Note: Got five pages of Ivory done today! And about 1,000 new words, found another mini hole. I'm also going to start bubbling that new idea I got the other day. Yes, bubbling. I'm a big fan of bubble webs. I know there's another name. You start with one bubble with a word or phrase and then spider outwards with other bubbles.

My favorite word is fickle. What's yours?


  1. I so totally understand! It makes me nuts after a while. When my husband recently painted the hallway and his office, I was okay with the clutter for about two days - then it really got to me and I just wanted everything to return to its spot!

  2. Right there with you about the clutter. I can make myself let things go a little in the morning so I can make use of my writing time for writing. But only if I squint as I hurry through the kitchen on the way to my tidy desk. ;)

    Fickle is a good word. I also like "befuddled."