Monday, March 22, 2010

New Rule in Our House

Status: Coupons! The Austin Sunday paper always has the best ones, makes it worth the two bucks.

I'm not allowed to use any words over two syllables.

Any idea how hard that is?

My husband calls them 'big' words. I said 'disheartened' and he said 'no big words'.

But he can use the word syllables.

Which, if I can count correctly, has three syllables. He doesn't even like the word fickle. My favorite word!

I'm lobbying to get the rule changed to three syllables on the grounds that he uses three syllable words, so why can't I.

He should just be happy I don't use words like 'quagmire', Even I'm not sure what that means.

It's all in good fun, just astounds me sometimes the words he says I can't use when talking to him.

Gotta love it!



  1. Make sure you tell him you're very sorry he is sometimes befuddled by your vocabulary choices.


  2. Haha yes! I'll have to use that one on him.

  3. He should be happy he has such an intelligent, well-spoken wife!

  4. LOL - sounds like someone needs a dictionary wrapped up and left on his pillow... ;-)

    I'd be the one to walk around using the biggest words I could find just to tease him about it...

    But seriously - "disheartened"?