Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yay! (Joy and Randomness)

My husband passed the board!

The board is the NCO promotion board. You have to pass it if you want to become an NCO. (A SGT, SSG...only ones I know.)

My husband passed and now he's promotable to SGT. YAY.

SGT - Sergeant
SSG - Staff Sergeant
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer

So what does this mean? At the moment not much. He gets more responsibility at work until the paperwork and his points go through, then he officially gets promoted to the rank of SGT. Then it's more more responsibility and a pay raise.

Don't ask me to explain the paperwork and points, I don't get it. What I got out of it was, if everything gets done quickly, he'd get promoted on April 1st. If not, May 1st. Apparently they only do promotions on the first day of the month. Or the closest workday.

Makes perfect sense, right?

I still want to go buy poster board and organize my plots like crazy. But my husband convinced me to wait until we move, so I'll have more space to spread out. We'll be going from a small 1-bedroom apt to a cute decent sized 3-bedroom house. With a gigantic backyard.

Perfect for a puppy! Which my husband is getting for his birthday in May. I would prefer a potty trained puppy. He wants a cute little baby baby puppy. I've never house trained a pet, nor do I really want to.

To sit, stay, do it's business in a certain part of the yard, sure. I can do that. Deal with random pee spots and other stuff on my floor? No. Sorry. Can't handle that.

I'm concerned for my ability to handle diapers when we finally decide to have kids.

What causes your gag reflex to go into overdrive? Me, it's mainly vomit. Even just in movies. I have to cover my eyes and look away. Just covering my eyes doesn't cut it.


  1. Someone being sick and having to clear it up. Baby sick I can cope with, it's kinda cute, but adults...Nah!

    I also wince when I see someone being given an injection.