Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who Hit the Fast-Forward Button?

Time is flying! My last post was Nov. 13th and it's Dec. 2nd. I want to know who has the remote control for my life. I need a pause button badly right now.

Let's see. 10 of 14 second draft chapters of Ivory are done. Sadly, I already want to go back and tweak them some more, but I'm resisting.

I'm all registered for classes for the Spring 2010 semester, and now not sure I want to go to that school... It's a drive, an hour each way. It's a VERY good school. Originally I was going for their Professional Writing major, but then realized that I'd be better off going for something like accounting.

I need to know I'll have a not horribly hard time finding a job. Then my friend Anabelle brought up the fact that I can get an accounting degree anywhere. There are closer schools that are decent, not as good. So I have to decide if it's worth it to drive that far for a degree I can get anywhere.

At least nearly all my Christmas shopping is done. :D

Anyone else want a remote for their life?


  1. That's a tough decision about school, but your friend has a good point.

    I'm so jealous you're almost done shopping!

  2. Get the degree and follow your dream. Accounting is probably more useful, more 'practical' but whatever you decide to do, LOVE IT!

    Christmas shopping: ughh

  3. Can you double major in writing and accounting?? If that's possible, I recommend that. So that you can follow your dream (and have some back up).

    I NEED a remote for my life. I swear it was just the beginning of November. Didn't I just hand out candy to the little kiddies in the neighborhood? Oh wait, no I didn't, no one came to my third floor apartment...

  4. Jennifer - It's easy to be nearly done when I've only got like 4 people to shop for. One of the perks for being so far away from most of my family. Oo. 5. My friend had a baby this summer. I have to buy some kind of baby present cause they are just too cute.

    Charlie - I'm going to take like an intro to accounting class to make sure I can stand it before diving in. I doubt I'll ever love school.

    Sam - I doubt I'll be able to double major, I'm going in as a junior. I might be able to swing a major in Accounting and a minor in Writing or Lit or something.

    On another note, my heater isn't working. They're waiting for a part that's supposed to be delivered today.

  5. Big decision time! I think I'd go to a closer school, but I hate driving. Accounting sounds can always write at night and on wkends.