Friday, December 25, 2009

Lemon Merinque Pie

This is my husband's favorite pie. EVER. He can sit and eat a whole one. In one sitting.

Problem is, his mom won't share her recipe. (It's really a long, funny story. Not her being an evil mom-in-law or anything.)

So this is my second attempt at making a lemon meringue pie. The last one I made was 'too custardy'. Very helpful honey.

This time I'm using Alton Brown's recipe. You can find it here.

All I did differently was double the meringue, cause that's how he likes it.

BEWARE! If you follow the recipe exactly, you'll get lemon meringue soup. If you sit and read all 100 comments you'll learn that you have to put the stuff back on the heat after adding the lemon juice. I didn't know that.

So. Pie was a failure. My husband said it's okay and he didn't get why I was upset. Stupid soup. I'm going to try it again. He's been in Iraq for a year, the man deserves his pie!

I hope you all had a good Christmas!


  1. If I had a lemon meringue pie recipe, I'd send it to you....Okay. I went and checked my site and I do have one. I maintain, for my Bunco group, two pages of recipes. There are some excellent cooks in my group. Here's one from Cathy for Lemon Angel Pie. Cathy is one of those gourmet cooks in the group. See if it sounds like it may fit what you're looking for.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Oooo. Lemon meringue pie. That one is right there with banana creme and French silk. My mother doesn't give out certain recipes either, for various reasons!