Friday, November 13, 2009

Wrist Pain

I'm not even doing NaNo this year and my wrist is acting up.

I'm on chapter 10 of 25, with nine days left. I'm planning to knock out two tomorrow. I haven't looked all the way ahead, but I'm hoping to be able to get two a day done a couple times. I know Sunday I'll only get one, it's a doozy. I'm pretty sure half of that chapter will be cut and fed back in elsewhere. It's a pretty big info dump. Relevant information, just not need in history report form.

My spellchecker doesn't like the word 'doozy'. It's in the wikionary! I've never been a huge fan of Wiki, in terms of factual information, but they have come up with some funny sounding words.

See how I get distracted? A red squiggle line throws me off topic completely. I'm hopeful that I will finish by the time I fly out for Colorado. But, Anita's post today, brief but wonderful, reminded me not to rush. So I'm going to get as much done as I possibly can, without rushing myself. I am motivated to finish before I leave, but I won't rush it. I don't want to end up having a fourth and fifth draft and still not feel it's ready for submission.

I'm going to finish this edit, get feedback on all of it and go from there.

See distractions? I started this post talking about wrist pain. I've got carpal tunnel. Okay well, I say I have carpal tunnel. I have all the symptoms and have for a long time. My father had to have surgery on both his wrists and an elbow.

I haven't told my doc about my pain because I don't really want to have surgery. And I don't want to go through the physical therapy I'm sure he'd want me to do before said surgery when I know I'll end up having surgery anyways. I did come across a short video today, it demonstrates some quick stretches that are supposed to help. I don't know how long-term of a fix it is for carpal tunnel, but for tendinitis it seems like a good fix. A couple of the stretches did alleviate my pain, but only for a short while. I'll stick with them for a bit and see if overall they help. If they do, maybe I can avoid surgery all together. :D

Oh, the link might be helpful.. Here ya go.

I know I could go back and edit this post into a much more cohesive, simply better post. But I'm tired, it's late. Editing fries my brain. I do enjoy it, but for me, it takes much more mental power then actually writing. There's no 'zone' for me when editing. When writing, I'll get into the zone and time and pages will fly. I'll stop, and feel like I just ran a race but am refreshed. After editing, I just want to nap.

I do apologize for the many grammatical mistakes I know I make on this blog. Grammar has never been my strong suit. I have been brushing up on it, I'll be taking an English grammar class next semester (hopefully!), so I am aware of it. Can I blame my bad grammar on the fact that I've lost my copy of Shrunk and White?

Like always, if any of you notice anything and it bugs you, feel free to leave a comment bashing my grammar. :) I really don't mind. Outside thoughts help me see my weak spots. I also know I use the wrong word when my brain is thinking too far ahead.

Example: I just used 'away' instead of 'ahead'.

Anyone have any wrist pain? Goals you hope to reach soon? A certain grammar mistake you make constantly? (I've learned I have comma problems.)



  1. I have wrist pain and use a sports support to help. It's not a long term fix, but does alleviate the problems short term.

    As for the wiggly underlining, you can switch that off in the options.

    Have fun.

  2. I have comma problems. :-) My wrists use to hurt when I was a kid, no more, thank goodness. I hope yours gets better. Supports sound helpful.

  3. Grammar is a major area of struggle for me. Oh, and fragments!

    I pray your wrist feels better so you can whip out those chapters.

    My goal is to finish my WIP by 1/1/2010. I would love to be editing right NOW!

  4. I get wrist pain too, but not nearly often enough for me to see anyone about it (not yet at least). I'm usually a grammar-crazed person, but usually, I let it go on blogs because I make mistakes here too when I'm just rattling off a post. Effort counts for me. :)

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