Monday, December 7, 2009

This Week Just Sucks - a.k.a. mini-rant

My heater is broken. It needs a new part. I rent an apartment, they are supposed to fix this stuff. The part apparently is very far away and will take 'a few days' to get here. I reported my heater not working Wednesday morning. It's now nearly Tuesday. A few days? They did give me a space heater so I'm not freezing my ass off, but still.

My husband is due home soon. Can't say when obviously, but soon. And my heater is not working. He'll be coming from living in a barely warm tent to an apartment heated with a space heater at this point. Him coming home is a happy time, but also extremely stressful and it's annoying.

My friend nearly got into a nasty car accident this afternoon. She managed to avoid hitting the guy that cut her off and severely messed up her car hitting the curb.

Did I mention my heater isn't fixed yet?

I'm still stressed about what to do for school. That will figure itself out though. I'll either get in to the closer school in time or not. If not, I get to drive an hour for a semester then transfer closer. :D

I also have Reynaud's. (Click here if you don't know what that is.) And yes, my fingers do turn that blue. So the non-working heater is a bit of a MAJOR thing. Tomorrow I get to go bitch at the office. They will fix this tomorrow or there'll be hell to pay.

A week? Seriously?



  1. *hugs!* I have Reynaud's, too- and the doc said the only fix is to keep your hands and feet warm. Duh! lol. Hope they come and fix your heater asap. Hope your week gets better. Cheers~

  2. Man, that really is a bad week!

    I have a bunch of friends coming over tomorrow, so today while I'm out shopping, Husband puts the self-cleaning oven feature on and the entire house smells HORRIBLE! I had the doors open for awhile, but it's about two degrees outside, so...