Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ya'll Rock

Thanks for not making me feel horrible for being away for so long. It's nice to be reminded: it happens to all of us.

Those willing to critique and/or swap I'll be bugging you later this week. I'm taking baby steps getting back into my routines. Yes, I am quoting FlyLady. Not necessarily a writing reference, but a life reference. She's got some good stuff. Take a look if you have a moment.

Anyone else want to skip Halloween and go right for Thanksgiving/Christmas? I think Halloween would be more fun if I had kids and if my neighborhood had more kids. At this point my plans are to hang out at my friends house, since she should be getting tons of kids. I'll be lucky if I get 3. I'll leave a bowl by the door. Don't want to get egged. Also the fact that my husband is due home around Christmas might be slightly influencing my desire for Halloween to be over.

I keep doing this thing where I drop or add inappropriate endings. Example, my second paragraph. Before I checked it, it said 'Those will to critique...' And I just forgot the -ed for checked. Anyone else do anything like that?

And if anyone can tell me how to fix my blog title, I'd bake you brownies! My brownies rock according to my husband's platoon. :)



  1. Welcome back Meg. I am looking forward to reading you now you are with us all again. :)

    If you want help with the blog title there is a button on my blog to a girl who does great blog designs for next to nothing. She is called 'friend of a friend blog design. Cost me next to nix for my blog. She did the lot. Goodbye headache :)

  2. If you look at the top right of your screen, there is a button called 'customise'.

    Under the 'page elements' tab you will see an outline of your blog. At the top you will see a box with your title in it. Press the 'edit' button on the bottom left of this box and you can edit the title.

    Have fun!

    p.s. I can do some critiquing for you if you like.

  3. Thanks Martin! You'd think growing up with computers I'd be better at this stuff...

    Thanks for the info Tabitha, definitely will keep her in mind for future reference!