Monday, October 26, 2009

Cake pops = Fail

Looks yummy though doesn't it?

Attempting Bakerella's Cake Pops did not go well. Didn't fail horribly. We just didn't want to eat them after the first bite.

I think this is where we failed:

The frosting to cake ratio was not ideal. I figured that out when I discovered we could do this:

Way too much frosting. Bakerella's look slightly more crumbly. We forged on and did our best to coat them in the candy. The candy tasted pretty good. The actual cake part of the pop tasted like uncooked cake batter. The texture was gooy in a very bad way.

I will attempt them again, with less frosting and probably a denser cake. The plan was to make presents and ornaments, as testers for Christmas. We were going to do green and red, but nixed the red as soon as we knew we had failed.

We being myself and my friend, who I really don't think would like having her name on here, we'll call her 'Anabelle'. Why Anabelle? 'Cause I like that name and she has no vote. :D

Separate Note

I'm making progress towards my goal. It's not always great progress, but I'm moving in the right direction.

And I keep spelling progress wrong. I want to spell it 'progess'. Why? I have no idea. Just like why I randomly spell words with the European/Canadian spellings. Like colour. I know I just like how that looks. But still.

And I'm rambling again. I do that a lot lately. Not much focus. Anywoot.

I hope you all are doing decently well.



  1. Those pops weren't good? But it looks so tasty. And I love the idea of it. :)

  2. Cute pops, and this being the internet and all, we'd never know if they tasted bad. :)

  3. The idea is awesome. It's Bakerella's

    You're so right...I shouldn't have told!!!

  4. I'm sorry this last batch didn't work out. Sometimes it's all trial and error. And recipes don't always work. Sometimes I wonder what the author was thinking.

    I've given you an award at my blog Don't worry if you don't have time to do the whole award thing. Just know that your blog is appreciated.

  5. When I was in middle school I purposely spelled it 'colour' in an English paper. I got marked off for it and was really mad. And secretly thought the teacher was an idiot from then on. I was a rebel, wasn't I?