Saturday, October 17, 2009

Presents and Goal Fixing

That is a wrapped Christmas present. For this year. Bought this year, not wrapped and forgotten about from last year. Have I really gotten to the point where I am buying and wrapping presents in October? How did that happen?

I am disgusted with myself for how long it's taking me to finish the second draft of Ivory. I've been using my birthday as a goal for this novel. So, I will have this second draft DONE by my birthday. At that point I'll give it another read through, fix any MAJOR blunders then pass it on to the people that have been waiting for me to finish it. (Really I want all that done by my birthday. So that is what will happen.) My birthday is November 18th.

I don't know if any of you watch Family Guy, but one of the running jokes is that the character Brian is writing a novel, and has been for quite some time. I want to finish this so I can try to get it published, either way I want to be able to file it under 'Done'.

Then I need to find a better goal than my birthday every year. I do not want to take another year to write a first draft. I think I'll shoot for June. I know my writing will basically stop right after my husband comes home. So June will give me about 6 months of active writing time to finish the first draft of my next novel.

Sad thing is, I already started that one. Then scraped it because I didn't like the style I was writing it in. I may just scrap the whole idea and try out another one. Sometimes stories just aren't ready to be written.


  1. This is one of my quotes on facebook:
    "Oh yes, 'cause you've got such a heavy workload around here. Hm. How you coming on that novel you've been working on? Yeah? You got a big stack of papers there? Gotta, gotta nice little story you're working on there? A novel you've been working on for three years? Gotta, gotta a compelling protagonist? Gotta obstacle for him to overcome, huh? A story brewing there you've been working on? You've been working on that for quite some time now. Talked about that three years ago. Been working on that the whole time? A nice little narrative? A beginning, middle and end? Some friends become enemies? Some enemies become friends? Yeah? At the end, your main character is richer for the experience? Yeah? Yeah, yeah? No, no you deserve some time off."
    -Stewie, Family Guy

    I love those episodes with Brian and his book. But yes, I understand how you feel. Especially since I have been horrid at even writing anything this year. Things will change. I'm gonna try Nano. But for you, six months is a wonderful idea. You could totally do it, in my opinion. And I might just steal that idea from you (cute grin).

    PS-Nice wrapping job. I totally thought you were going to say the gift is from you for you if you finish your goal on time. Haha.

  2. Haha! Nope, it's for my husband.

    But that is a good idea...wrap a birthday present for myself. :D

  3. That’s true about stories not being ready.
    I have a few rattling around my head that are not ready to be told. I think I need to “feel” them more. I have to know the characters inside and out before I can write honestly about them. That’s just me.

    PS. The glasses look great.