Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ready for NaNo?

I am! I have a very loose outline. I am not comfortable with that. I want a tight outline, but I still can't figure out the middle.

I will have one mid-term after NaNoWriMo starts - sucky. At least it's not till the 5th.

Sadly, I have class the morning of the 1st, so staying up late and starting at midnight is not in the cards for me. I am so writing while in class. I swear, my professor repeats everything he says on Monday, on Wednesday. If it weren't for attendance rules...

Are YOU ready? (If you're participating...:D)


  1. I’m ready! Maybe a bit too ready?.. I recently had some concerned friends talk me down from a sextuple Nano to a double Nano. My argument for trying 300k was-- but I have the outlines and it’ll be awesome and if I get up at three thirty every morning…

  2. Good luck with your writing.