Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Middle drama!

I know how it ends, and how it begins. How she gets from being a hard ass reporter to being a 100% selfless person is an issue.

I'm lost, and I'm only at the outline stage! 

How do you get through the dreaded middle?


  1. Well you know how I do it.. I just write it. I had a FMC who was pregnant one time and it just wrote itself in. I didn't even know until she was already a couple of weeks in.

  2. just write! the characters will tell you what you need to know along the way!

  3. Debbie & Amie - This is so odd, but the thought of doing just that is so scary!

    I always have a plan. Even though I know it'll get thrown out partway through.

    Maybe this will be a good time to overcome my need to plan...

    :D Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I've heard the secret is a great beginning and a great ending - and as little in between as possible.

    I hate middles, too.