Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Friday?

I woke up this morning and swore it was only Wednesday. This week went by crazy fast.

As for my possible switch to WordPress - I got excited. We found a way to move my followers. Then the server started having issues.

 Went down for maybe an hour the other day, having issues right now. I'm not switching until they get it figured out. I don't want to send you to a slow and crashing website!

Means I'm shelving the website moving until after midterms. They start Monday, end Friday.

Probably why I'm so frazzled!

And we have a minor emergency here, Zeus ran out of chewies! The world is ending! So I am off on an emergency store run, and I'm praying he doesn't chew anything up while I'm gone. He hasn't been left home alone without a chewie in a long time. Last time he chewed up something. My husband's xbox headset I think. And some paper.

He loves paper. So odd.

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