Friday, May 14, 2010

Boards Are Done!

(More pictures if you click on the photo, it'll take you to my flickr page.)

6 boards, 24 chapters, 72 scenes, 288 used post-its and I ran out of the light blue for the 'place' post-it with 6 scenes remaining.

It was so worth it. I know EXACTLY what I need to do. It's all laid out right there for me.

And I met my writing goal for the boards! YAY!

In pure OCD fashion, the orange post-it on the middle board, one row up from the bottom is crooked and it bugs me, making me want to fix it then retake the picture. But I won't. It's crooked. So what?

I'm so happy!


  1. Really cool. Remind me again, because it's been a while, do you do these boards before you write or as an editing exercise to figure out what to fix, add, etc?

  2. Woohoo - yay! Congratulations, and great job! Very cool, and good for you for leaving the photo with the crooked one (I'm sure it's straight now).

    Looks like a fabulously well-organized novel. Time to start writing?

  3. Wow- cool. You are so organized. Great job~ Cheers~

  4. This one is actually a revision/editing run through. Ivory was my 2007 NaNoWriMo novel and it came out a MESS.

    By the time I had all the crap cut and the scenes in the proper order, I had forgotten half the plot. This was an awesome method for fixing that.

    I will be using this same method to outline my next novel. It should work just as well, though I know what I outline is not what I'll end up with in the final novel, so I won't be quite so detailed.

    Thanks for stopping by!