Thursday, May 13, 2010


I get distracted so easily it boggles my mind.

I was walking into the living to get something, stubbed my toe and didn't remember what I was going to get for a good 20 minutes.

When I'm writing (or editing!) this happens ALL the time. My house gets cleaned, laundry gets folded and the floors even get mopped.

My friend said something the other day that hit home with me. Fear of succeeding. If you're always used to not doing what you want, the prospect of actually doing it is scary. At least for me. Like when I realized I had a shot at a 3.5 GPA. All I had to do was not flunk my finals. So I freaked out, even though I knew the material inside and out.

Like right now. I have to finish the boards today to meet my goal because I will not have time to work on them tomorrow. I could be done in an hour, but I keep doing other things. I rarely meet my writing goals. when I make them, I know it's more of a guideline. I'm making the decision today to stop letting myself get distracted. Why sabotage yourself? There's no point.

To stop some of the distractions I'm flipping the switch on my Toshiba that controls the wireless. No more distractions!

Hm. The bathroom needs to be cleaned...

^_^ Just kidding! My butt is staying right here until those boards are done!


  1. Pictures, Meg. We want proof you finished those boards when you get back. ;-)

    And I empathize, really...but it's times like these we need to focus on just one thing - the story. Not whether or not it will ever be published, or even if anyone else will read it. Just focus on writing it because you want to, a decadent reward for doing all that housework.

    Or that's what I do when I find myself in that state, anyway. ;-)

  2. I get distracted by the's so easy to pop on in and see who's on Facebook or check my email or "oh, I need to see if I can find insert-random-thing-here on ebay". Especially when I'm editing. When I'm in creative mode, I get so into my story that I have no problems staying focused. But when I'm self editing (if they're edits from my editor, I seem to stay very focused)...and rereading something for the bajillionth time....yeah.....FB beckons me.

  3. Jamie - I will DEFINITELY be posting pictures. I already know how I'm going to lay them out on the floor to take them. :)

    I had that talk with myself the other day. I thought to myself "Why do I never think of just stopping? Because I want to write, simply to write." It was a nice moment for my brain.

    Stephanie - My addiction seems to be randomly googling for things. And making lists. Lots of lists.