Monday, May 24, 2010

Life is crazy, but I'm still writing!

I haven't posted in a while, mainly because I do not want to rant about life crap here.

Main problem, we now have 3 house guests. Two humans and one 8 wk old un-house-trained, un-puppy pad trained female puppy. Not a planned visit, they had to move out of their place super fast due to violence in the area causing his command to order him to move out.

And the two humans are fairly irresponsible and if I had any choice they would never be allowed to adopt any animal again.

Bottom line, I end up watching the pup a lot, and with the heat down here, I can only leave her outside with Zeus for so long. She pees constantly.

But in other news, I revamped my schedule for Ivory, I'll be done by June 24th at the latest. I'm hoping it will go faster than that, but I also know my ending needs extra care.

I'm also starting work on my outline/characters for my next project. Ivory is very close to being as done as it's going to get. Even if it's crap, it'll be finished. First novels aren't supposed to be great works of art anyways. :D

My posts will either be constant or super sporadic the next week or so. We have our guests until June 1st for sure.

I hope you all are writing, reading, and generally having a good summer so far!


  1. Bummer...I hope things straighten out on the home front for you soon. That has to be super-stressful!

    And good luck with Ivory - something fun amidst the storm (even though it's work). :-)

  2. Sorry you got stuck with the dog. Want two cats who pee instead? I'll swap!

  3. Diane - I'd ove to, I love kitties, but I'm super allergic. Sorry you're stuck with them! :)

    Jamie - I am having fun with Ivory, it's awesome meeting my goal everyday. And they are small goals, and I won't allow myself to try to do too much.

    They should be out on the first, they just signed a lease. Woot!

    I just really hope this doesn't destroy our friendship, but it might with me.

  4. Thanks for the comment about my curtains! :-) Hope everything works out ok for you this week! :-)