Friday, July 9, 2010

What I've been up too...

Been busy, not majorly so. But my husband's back to work, which means more free time for me!

We moved our living room into our guest room. Our electric bill was higher than I would have liked last month, smaller room=less AC usage. It's actually kind of nice. It's all cozy. We even managed to fit our couch in there. The problem was getting it around the corner in the already narrow hallway.


We dented the wall slightly with the foot of the couch. Spackle and paint before we move out!

The day after we moved the living room, my mom-in-law called to say she was thinking about coming down to visit. This is after we asked everyone if they wanted to visit at all...they all say yes, but we can't for reason xyz.

Annoyance! She isn't sure when yet though.

I've been outlining. One random thought right before I fell asleep has turned into an (so far) 11 chapter outline of a romance novel.

No randomness yet today. I'm sure it will come. My day is never complete with a little bit of randomness!


  1. OOh I'd love to have a random thought that! In fact you've inspired me to sit down and force my brain into random mode, armed with a piece of paper of course to jot down the magical outline that will ensue. ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. I love cozy living rooms, especially during the fall and winter months!

  3. In-laws. Such treasures. Let's go bury them!

    Randomness is the key to creativity. Keep it going.