Monday, July 19, 2010

My Week

Puppy Sitting!

Dog sitting my friend's 2 dogs, Ezra and Zoe (I want to spell it Zoey), Zeus will be in heaven. I'll have to post pictures of them playing. We have them today until sometime Friday. I may be insane by then, Zoe is a bit of a handful. Ezra is a sweetheart though.

Zoe is just about 5 months, Zeus is five months (he's a whole 2 weeks older than Zoe) and Ezra is the grownup at 4 years.


Only focus besides daily maintenance, my office. I will reclaim it!

Writing (The fun stuff!)

  • I need to finish the rough outline for the new romance novel I started. I already started pages, I stopped outlining in the middle. The tough part. I need to iron that out a bit more before I get there.
  • I will catch up on 2YN. I'm rather behind, slowly catching up. Makes me sad because I love that story so much.
  • Ivory. Oh, Ivory. How I love to loathe you. I'm halfway done doing all the fixes. I hit the part where I stopped last time through, the part where I haven't fixed the tense yet. I wrote it in present, it sounds so much better in past. I may try going through just making the fixes, then going through again to catch all the tense parts I missed when fixing stuff.

Puppy Moment of the Day

Zeus is currently attempting to catch grasshoppers by pouncing on them. Doesn't look like he's having much success. He's so cute!


  1. Wow - look at you go, Meg! Sounds like you're right back in the groove again with your writing (and in heaven with those puppies too). Puppies are so adorable...and I'm sure it's helpful having Ezra around as well to kind of be the "old guy".

    I used to think finishing a draft was the hardest part of writing. Until I finished a few. Now I'm convinced that revising/editing is way harder. LOL

    Good luck with all of your projects, and with the pups!

  2. Ezra is a life safer! The puppies will get to rowdy, and he'll bark at them to stop by the time I've even gotten up to separate them.

    I agree, the editing/revisions is definitely the harder than writing the first draft. Just don't tell anyone still working on their first draft that...they'll never finish it!

  3. Puppies are so cute, just like little kids.

    The editing process is only as horrible as you make it. It's like eating an elephant, you do it one piece at a time.