Saturday, July 24, 2010

Office - Ten Days Later...

Looking pretty good! Not done, but way better.



And yes, the crooked books on the shelf do bother me. Only so much I can do with different sizes and a $10 Wal-Mart bookcase.

What you don't see is the closet. A total of 15 boxes and bins are in there. Book box boxes and slightly smaller bins. Not the giant ones that work great for Christmas decorations.


There needs to be a AA for neat freaks.

Time to write in my now accessible office!


  1. It looks wonderful!! I'd love to have a space like that. Someday... Kids and hubz take it all up right now. Not to mention that my bedroom has become a museum for things I don't want my 3yo to touch that don't really belong in my bedroom. Gah. Can't wait for college.

    What's your current WIP about?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Katrina!

    I currently have...4? WIP.

    My almost done one is a fantasy novel. Saving the world from the big bad demons. It's in the editing/revisions stage, almost ready for beta readers.

    I have two that are still in the outline stage. One I've started before, but scraped it because it just wasn't working right. One is a comedy with aliens and Flying Spatulas of Doom! The other is a paranormal thriller/mystery ish.

    The fourth is a romance novel I just started. I outlined half of it in a day and started writing it the next. Need to finish that outline still...

    I haven't settled on a genre yet. :D

  3. WOW, What a difference. I'm jealous. Just keep the man out of there.

  4. Haha. I'm trying Martin! He's got a small pile of army paperwork that needs to be sorted and filed in the filing cabinet.

    Doubt he'll get to it anytime soon and I don't know what's important. I'm thinking of replacing his pillow with the paperwork...


  5. I like the "new" office. It really helps to be at least a bit organized so you can find things. I sort of call my office organized chaos.

  6. Good job, Meg!

    I LOVES me some Walmart bookcases. I've had mine for about 10 years now but they are on their death bed.

    I'm also in the process of redoing my office too so I feel your pain.