Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday's Baking - Potato Salad

Just in time for all those 4th of July cookouts!


Potatoes, semi peeled, chopped and boiled. (I use russets normally, I also like using the larger red potatoes. I never use the golds.)
Eggs, hard-boiled, peeled, chopped or sliced (I like doing the coins.)
Onions, peeled and chopped. (I usually use white, I'm experimenting with red this time.)
Miracle Whip (I thought it was normal mayo my whole life, not switching now. :D)
Yellow Mustard
(Salt - I don't add any, but most people like it.)

Sprinkle top with paprika. (I always forget until my husband asks, "You didn't add paprika?")
Chill! (Don't have to, but I prefer it chilled for at least an hour.)
Eat more!

Besides deviled eggs, potato salad is my all time favorite bbq dish. What's your favorite bbq/cookout dish?


  1. Mmmmmmmm. I may try that myself as I remember the day that we gave America independence. ;-)

  2. Tis yummy...I'm going to have to make more for tomorrow it seems. :D