Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Blogs

Most bloggers seem to see their blog as a M-F job. Rarely does a blog about writing in any level, post on the weekends. I get why most don’t. Agents and editors that have their own blogs, write during the work week and take the weekends with their families or whatever. I even get when people who write from home only post during the week. Their husband or wife works a normal job and is home on the weekend. For me, my husband doesn’t have a normal job. Probably why I’m willing to post on the weekends .:) I’m not saying no one posts on the weekends, just this morning The Blood-Red Pencil had a post. I’m just making a general observation.

I am not a professional anything. I’m not a published author, I’m not an award-winning cook. I’m just me. Tomorrow I have every intention of taking out my red pen and getting back to work on editing my novel. I have shadows of ideas that need to be molded into the light for my next work. Thing is, I have to decide which one I want to focus on.

I’ve never been good at writing two different projects at once. I do envy those that can. Not green-eyed, drive me crazy envy, just wistful envy. The same goes for people who are able to stick to routines and they actually work for them.

I’m sitting here typing this, watching football. I love football. My team sadly didn’t make the playoffs this year, but a couple other decent teams did. I really don’t like the halftime stuff except at the Superbowl. It’s just a bunch of guys sitting around talking. All of which I have no idea who they are. I bet though, in ten years, I’ll know some if them. Might as well just say it, I am a Patriots fan. I’m a New England girl through and through. Yes my thing says I live in Texas. That’s because I do. It’s where my husband is station. No, I will never convert to being a Dallas Cowboys fan. Ever.

And yes, I figured out how to add links properly.

Hopefully next weekend I’ll be attempting to make General Tso’s chicken. IT is so good. Thing is, down here I haven’t found a place that makes it the way I grew up liking it. Nice and spicy. So, going to be attempting to make it on my own. I made it once with my MIL back in 2006, it came out great, I just don’t have the recipe and she can’t find it. Yay trial and error to begin. If it comes out well, I’ll post it. I don’t think I’m trying any other new stuff this week.

I wish I like lemon meringue pie better. My husband loves it, his mother has a great recipe, she won’t share. She says she’ll give it to any kids we have. It’s a joke. But she really won’t give it to me. So I’ve had to try different recipes. I found one that was close, but the lemon part was ‘too custardy’ to quote my husband. I’d love to keep trying different ones while he’s deployed but I don’t want to make a pie just to try a bite then trash it.

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