Thursday, November 12, 2009

Racing Myself!

So not going to make my goal. This past week has just been simply unbelievable.

I'm going to race myself, to see how much I can get done, before I head to Colorado on the 23rd. That's 11 days, counting today. I've got way more work left to do on Ivory than I should. I'm hoping the time crunch will get my butt in gear.

Short post, off to get some pages done. I've got a deadline!

So blogger keeps acting all weird on me. It hasn't let me post this post yet. Hopefully this time it'll work. I wanted to add that my ability to get distraction will become legendary.

I was working on a page, and somehow I then found myself on Google, searching 'cute welcome home cupcake ideas'. I have no idea how my brain went from focusing on the page to searching for cupcakes. Yes, I have been thinking about making cupcakes, my husband requested them as well as a lemon meringue pie for when he gets home. I've got about a month-ish. But still. How does that happen?

Blogger, please work! I'm off to work again, I'm seriously considering attempting the trick of turning your internet off. If I find myself searching for cupcake ideas again, I will.

Anyone else get distracted that easily?


  1. LOL- cupcake ideas :) I love that. And yeah, I am easily distracted. I find myself searching for random things all the time. Pictures of puppies were a fav for a while- don't ask. :))