Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs

Crazy week. Not even really sure what all made it seem so crazy, but I feel like this week went by so fast. This coming week isn't looking like it'll be any better. Tomorrow's packed with errands and helping a friend with stuff at her new house. Tuesday I've got my first physical therapy appointment in the morning for my knee, dinner Tuesday night with the FRG. (Army's Family Readiness Group.) Friday I'm helping another friend move into her new apartment.

So I've got Wednesday and Thursday to: finish a short story, write two quick blurbs for two other short stories, finish the chapter of Ivory I'm still working on, and get the next section of my outline for my next novel (currently calling it 'Entry Into Madness') done.

Oh and either tomorrow or Tuesday I need to finalize an event calendar for the FRG. On Tuesday night, people can look over it and give me their feedback. Then I can have it polished for the meeting in May.

I know that may not sound like much for most people, I don't have a super busy life normally. I can't honestly handle super busy all that well. I get frustrated. I'm good with organized chaos. It's when life throws wrenches into things that I get stressed.

I know what made last week seem so crazy. The car. Stupid throttle sensor went wacko making the check engine light come on and made my engine rev all funny. I freaked thinking I was going to have to drop cash into fixing it. Turns out it's still covered under warranty. :D

How do you handle stress? Or how do you cope when life throws a wrench into carefully made plans? Or anything you feel like sharing. :D


  1. "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon

    Recently I've imagined life as a series of problems that are thrown at us. We ALL are tested in many ways but it's how we deal with things - that is the real test.

    I'm begining to think that the answer to why we're here is not really 42.


  2. Its been a stressful week for me too. Not nearly as stressful as yours, but it was up there.

    Writing is one of my big stress relievers. Nothing like losing yourself in the creative process.

    I'm also lucky enough to have absolutely awesome 2 (almost) year old that I get to play with after work. My son is so much fun, and, at this age he's learning so much, so fast. Its a blast.

    My other escape is reading my favorite authors. Its heartening to know that good writing finds a home and gets into the hands of people who can appreciate it.

  3. I cry when I'm stressed. I know that sounds stupid (and I usually make sure I'm alone when I do it, otherwise people want to know what I'm sad about when often I'm not sad about anything), but I find it to be very effective. It's sort of like letting off emotional ballast. Maybe it's not pretty, but it generally works pretty well for me : )

    Glad to hear about your warranty--those are the things you never quite seem to plan for.

  4. Stress reliever for me lately has been my friend's dog. He is the cutest sweetie pie ever.

    If I could cry to relieve stress, I would. But I can't. Takes a lot to get me to actually cry. Not super healthy, but it's how I deal.