Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Progress and Stereotypes

No, I'm not stealing Matt's Mid-Week Update, just happened to want to post my progress on a Wednesday. :D

15 pages down. Yay! Not where I would ideally be, but I'm making progress. I'm still ignoring word count. NaNoWriMo is great and all, but it made me word count obsessed.

Stereotypes bother me, yet I use them and label people with them everyday. In my mind, I've labeled my characters like this: bad guy, bad guy's boss, good guy, good guy's helper, dumb kid and overachiever.

There is much more to each of these characters, I just find it odd that I label them so generically. Does anyone else do that? They have names, yet I only actually use them when writing.

How are you all doing? (Writing-wise, life, daydreams of being on a tropical island with palm trees, a nice sea breeze and a fruity drink in your hand...) Okay so that's my current daydream. :D


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