Friday, July 3, 2009

Cook's Apple Pie

I used that phrase in my first novel. The character wasn't asking for the apple pie, he was asking for a safe haven.

How do you use food in your writing? If at all?



  1. Yes, I do. I hadn't thought about it until I saw your question, but I believe every novel I have ever written (and finished at least a first draft) has food mentioned, and usually several times. Food and eating are an important part of life@! In many of my books, only meals are mentioned, sometimes the actual food, but it's always in there somewhere. I have six novels not yet completed, and I am sure food is mentioned in all but maybe one. I'll have to check!

    Many authors add a "signature", that is an event or other characteristic, to every book. I guess I'll make food be one of mine. Others I have are a dog or other pet, at least one person with red or reddish hair, and one important character whose starts with the letter J.

  2. I feel rather silly. I read your question, had to answer the phone, and then didn't reread the question before writing an answer to "Do you use food in your stories?"

    Now, I'll answer the real question "How do you use food in your writing? If at all?"

    In two, I have been very specific even to describing some of the dishes eaten. In some, the description is rather vague, but it's enough that you know they eat a variety of food, at least seasonally. In my WIP, many meals will be mentioned, with at least two in detail. Maybe even a recipe. Nothing special, though. The food cooked during a wagon train journey across the Great Plains in 1849 was rather bland and monotonous by today's standards.

    There! I hope that completes the answer.