Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Didn't reach my goal for this morning. I want to have 10 pages done everyday. I've got three. When I wanted to be at 2.5%, I'm at .5% of 100k. I'm at least happy that I started the first page without any major first page jitters.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get yourself to wake up earlier than you want? I've tried the last few days, but I always end up back asleep until I have to get up or be late for work. I want to get up early, to have more time to write in the mornings.

The story is coming along nicely in my head. I am trying to implement what I learned from my first novel into this one. Main thing is, I learned I go extremely light on description, of everything. Almost to the point where my characters are floating in an air bubble talking.

Writing the first novel was hard. I know writing the second won't be any easier. If I can finish it in a decent amount of time, and have less revision work to do, I'll be happy.

When do you fit writing into your life?


  1. I've been having that trouble too, except it's me at night. I'm definitely not a morning writer. And lately, I've been slacking as well. I did so great last week, but this week, I haven't reached a single goal. I think what works for waking me up in the morning is showering, eating breakfast and then I start feeling like I don't need to go back to bed. From there, open your laptop and just go. You have a goal, and you owe it to yourself and your characters to write that book. Maybe guilt works, maybe convincing yourself that your characters need you will work, or maybe you tape inspirational quotes in a place you'll see them as soon as you wake up. It might just jump start your day.

  2. My problem is the waking up. Like I'll set multiple alarms, but turn them off and go back to sleep.

    Once I get out of bed I'm usually pretty good. Can't shower in the mornings though, too sleepy, and I'm a klutz.

    Oo...I need to move my alarm clock so I have to actually get OUT of bed to turn it off.

    That might work...:D

    Thanks for stopping by!